Slaveck Michaels Moraru is an American foreign national, pastor at City Hill  Church In Bellevue WA. Slaveck Hold a bachelors degree from Northwest University 


Born in Moldova, Slaveck grew up under the communist regime where Christians lived in fear of being fined or jailed. In spite of these threats, his grandmother became the pioneer who brought the Christian faith to their village. Walking in the same calling, his parents continued to minister there and planted a church after his grandmother’s passing. Inspired by the faith of his parents, Slaveck heard God’s calling on his life at a very young age and surrendered his life to the Lord. Although he grew up in a very conservative Pentecostal family, Slaveck does not place much emphasis on denomination or affiliation. He hopes to become all things to all people in order that through him God might save some of them. 

In 2001, Slaveck and his family immigrated to the United States. Having been a religious refugee, he understands what it means to be marginalized and persecuted for the faith. As a millennial, he understands the struggle of keeping the faith in a culture that exalts materialism and temporary things over eternal ones.

Slaveck believes that life is to be lived in light of eternity and that the local church is the hope of the world. Hence, after spending seven years leading a Friday night prayer which produced numerous youth pastors and leaders, in 2009 Slaveck and some friends planted a church in the greater Seattle area called City on a Hill. Today, this church is growing and thriving with more than five campuses. Currently, he serves as a youth pastor and associate pastor, as well as helping in planting other campuses!

Slaveck has years of experience in communicating the gospel to different age groups and cultural backgrounds. He is a dynamic speaker, committed to preaching the time-tested truth of the Gospel in new and compelling ways. Slaveck recently completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry at Northwest University. In his spare time, he enjoys writing, hiking, photography, and filmmaking. He currently lives in Seattle WA.