Dear Teen Vogue Abortion is not a Cause for Celebration

Recently, in an attempt to make abortion more acceptable, Teen Vogue published an article titled “What to Get a Friend Post-Abortion.” Some of the suggestions are at best ill-advised, but most are downright disturbing. As if abortion is something that we should celebrate as some coming-of-age event like a sweet sixteen birthday.

Teen Vogue you don’t get to redefine what truth is. In the words of Flannery O’Connor “truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.” As such, abortion is a choice to end a baby’s life. Specifically, it is a deliberate murder of the most innocent among us. No matter how many people think it is an acceptable practice the truth is; abortion is morally wrong. As a result, it will bring about regret, depression, and guilt, even in the best of circumstances.

The good news is that this article has had somewhat of an opposite effect. It has caused an outrage all over social media prompting many strong reactions and responses against it. One particular response from Students For Life of America organization stands out. In the video bellow, a sixteen-year-old named Autumn speaks up against abortion with some powerful words of wisdom. The irony of this situation is that Autumn is in the demographic Teen Vogue is trying to reach. Even though she is young, there is so much that all of us can learn from her. Watch her response to this terrible article here:

We can only hope for a day when everyone will see abortion for what it is; a horrendous injustice against people who cannot yet speak up for themselves. To minimize its impact is like slapping a cheesy Band-Aid on a deep wound that will take years to heal. Hence, abortion should not be celebrated but mourned. As for those who were involved in an abortion directly or indirectly, we can only hope that they find forgiveness and complete healing. Accepting it for what it is, turning to God, and asking for forgiveness are only the first steps.