Hope For Gay People, In Memoriam Of Sy Rogers

The year was 2009, I was doing my undergrad at Northwest University and on a Wednesday I was attending chapel with a friend of mine. I heard that we will be hearing from a national speaker. Then I saw Sy Rogers making his way to the stage in a flamboyant walk and mannerism. By the time he started speaking I was convinced that the Northwest faculty have lost their mind to allow this guy to lecture us on God or sexuality.

But boy was I wrong and gladly so because by the end of his testimony I was left with my eyes swelling in tears and compassion while in awe of What our God is capable of. I heard Sy preach one more time at champion center in Tacoma and that was the last that I heard from him, Today I found out he died from cancer.

I hope that God raises more people like Sy to tell of the goodness and the mercy of our amazing love. In such a polarized world, we are in desperate need of people like Sy who tell the truth in gentleness and respect.