Top Seven Christian YouTube Channels

A long time ago Hippocrates said the famous line “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Well it stuck, today there is an ever increasing amount of books and blogs on healthy dieting and so on. However, while we all do not dispute the validity of that phrase when it comes to natural food; we don’t seem to take the same approach when it comes to the information that we consume. But it’s only common sense to do so. If we want our souls to be healthy, then we have to consume good content that leads to a healthy mind. Unfortunately, we all indulge in entertainment that corrodes and corrupts our thinking. Furthermore, just like junk food, as long as there is a demand for it, there will be someone willing to supply entertainment that erodes values, convictions, and character.

However, if we do sort through all the information out there, we can find entertainment that is educational at the same time inspirational and motivational. So while it’s easy to get lost in all the weirdest and latest YouTube videos, I want to provide you with some of the top Christian YouTube channels that I think are worth your time. These channels have great content that will motivate you and help you live your life to the fullest while at the same time building your faith. Here is the list:

7) The Dave Ramsey Show Dave Ramsey is mostly known as a radio personality, but he is also on YouTube. His show gives free financial advice to all kinds of people. Dave has a very straightforward approach, and the methods that he uses are a bit unconventional nonetheless, they are effective. The reason I know that is that about ten years ago I was broke and started to listen to his podcasts. Since that day I will never look at finances the same. The advice that he gives is very common sense just like you would normally get from your grandparents. So tune in you will learn a lot on how to be a good steward of your money.

6) Life.Church Craig Groeschel is a dynamic speaker, leader, and a mentor to many businesspeople. He is also the lead pastor of one of the biggest and most successful multi-campus churches in the U.S. Regardless where you find yourself, be it in ministry or business there is a lot we can learn from him when it comes to leadership and making an impact in this world. So tune into Life.Church to catch up with the latest episode.

5) I am Second I am second is a channel where influential people re-tell their stories and the impact Christ has made in their life. Every story is unique yet at the same time tells a similar human journey to exchange the ashes of brokenness for divine beauty. It is very inspirational and motivational to pursue God in spite of all the brokenness in our lives. If you are feeling down and need some hope to go on, watch this channel. It won’t give you hope but point you to the one who has all the hope you are looking for.

4) Passion for Christ Movement Passion for Christ Movement is another channel that is similar to I am second. The testimonies are in poetry format. Every time I watch one of their poems I am amazed by the talent and the raw beauty of telling one’s story like it is while make it rhyme. The lyricism is incredible, and the raw honesty is unprecedented. I found myself crying, repenting, and just basking in the beauty of the poetry while sympathizing with the brokenness and the healing process of people that are so much like me, yet with different backgrounds.

3) The Bible Project This channel helps us understand complicated truths in a very straightforward and practical ways. I would strongly recommend this channel for any person of any age. Furthermore, this channel proves that learning the Bible does not have to be intimidating or confusing. So if you any have questions regarding the biblical narrative and themes check out this channel, you will not regret it.

2) One Minute Apologist As we all know the most complicated issues in life have complex answers, however, this channels is great at giving you short answers to life’s biggest questions (to the extent where that is possible). The videos are very short, and the conversations are brief, but they are good at summarizing complicated theological and existential concepts. So if you wonder why God would allow bad things to happen to good people? And questions alike check out the One-Minute Apologist channel.

1) The Gospel Coalition The last channel on this list is composed of videos from theologians and scholars who are trying to communicate the good news of the gospel to this generation. So if you want to dig deeper into theology, I strongly recommend you watch the videos on this channel. What I respect about them is the commitment they have to biblical exposition and preaching the Gospel.

These are the channels a recommend as the top ones that are worth our time to grow in our relationship with the Lord. In the comments, tell me if I missed any channel that is worth checking out. Also, leave any questions or comments that you might have.